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08 October 2009 @ 02:35 pm
in an effort to focus more on my blessings... i've decided to start trying to keep a weekly list of awesomeness

This Week's Awesome List

-being a book glutton. right now i am especially loving books that make me feel hopeful and remind me to be courageous rather than a wimp :)
(for example anything by Clarissa pinkola Estes or Pema chodron)
-this guy's review of catcher in the rye (cliffnote: he didn't like it)
-my roommate's face wash, which smells like tea tree oil
-that Dan is actually letting me stay here for free (I sleep on his couch). I make up for it by cleaning and cooking.
-the crisp fresh air of october, and planning out my fairy costume
-the bright-ass almost neon paints that Kyla lent me and the art book I am filling with them
-that my sweet-talking abilities were able to get my friend's stolen bike back from the manager at the gas station who supposedly knew nothing about it. (sadly, I'm also considering asking him for a job)
-my new favorite pair of jeans, which are really hand-me-downs that used to be too tight on me and now are the only jeans that fit perfectly. they have a small hole in the knee which i also kinda like.
-late night phone conversations with awesome people
-playing harmonica
-hula hooping
-it's 62 out today :) and I'm about to hang out with my sister and my nephew August, who I adore:

-something actually feels really nice about coming out of a horribly depressing funk to see everything so much clearer than before.. makes it feel worth it.
-the self portraits i took the other day:

& here's one of me looking really happy: